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Make the ‘Gentleman of Farewell’ wave!
BERLIN presents a new project in Lisbon, about a man ‘o Senhor do Adeus’ [the Gentleman of Farewell], who deserves a statue.

‘O Senhor do Adeus’ [João Manuel Serra] was a well known character from the streets of Lisbon who used to wave goodbye to those
passing by as a remedy for loneliness. For more than ten years long he was standing every day at a crossroad near Saldanha and became so well known that in the end it became unclear if he was waving at the passers-by or they at him. When he died in 2011, hundreds of Portuguese came out on the streets, waving to remember him.

BERLIN wants to make ‘o Senhor do Adeus’ wave again by designing a facade of his figure. By means of an ingenious
system of rotary balls [designed by Manu Siebens and Joris Festjens] that can be launched through an e-application, the left arm can be triggered to wave at the passers-by. Watch the movie to see how the system works.
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