IQALUIT – 2005

A metal igloo with seven screens showing a fragmented impression of Iqaluit on the rhythm of the city.

In 1999 Canada cede a territory to the Inuit. The size of this area is similar to the size of Western Europe. The Inuit choose their capital: Iqaluit. A city that wants to be bigger than she actually is. Only accessible by plane. 6000 residents, 2500 cars. Only 25 kilometers of roads.

Berlin spent one month in the Arctic in the new capital city of the Inuit. The material is documentary-like, the result an installation with seven screens showing seven different scenes of exactly the same length. The screens are autonomous. There is no chronological order. Each screen depicts an aspect of Iqaluit.


Video and audio


Concept Bart Baele,
Yves Degryse,
Caroline Rochlitz
Text Ivo Michiels
Editor Nico Leunen,
Bart Baele
Soundtrack Peter Van Laerhoven
Photography Bart Baele Sound recording Tom De With
Sound mixing Peter Van Laerhoven Subtitles Valentijn Dhaenens
Translation Audrey Van Tuyckom Graphics Gerjo Van Dam
Support scenery Tom Van de Oudeweetering Catering Kim Troubleyn
Children Anthe Baele,
Ian Karetak
Coproduction KVS [Brussel],
STUK [Leuven],
Vooruit [Gent]
With the support of the Flemish Government,
ccBe [Berchem],
City of Antwerp
BERLIN is associated artist in
[Paris - FR]