JERUSALEM [Hebr. Yerushalim] [Arab. Al Quds] – 2003/2013

A captivating performance on multiple screens about one of the most complex cities in the world.

10 years after recording for the first performance about Jerusalem, BERLIN revisits the holy city. Former interviewees are contacted, images are put together, a discussion is done over. Old and new images are edited into a film on multiple screens with live music. What has changed the most over 10 years time? The city or the people? Do cities change when people change?

The names of the political leaders may have altered, but the conflict keeps on transcending the region. Israëlis ruled by the fear of attack. Palestinians condemned to live as second-class citizens. This serves as the backdrop to the typical daily life of a metropolis: discos, bars, markets, building projects, artists, parties, etc. All fault lines converge in this navel of the world.


press quotes
'Jerusalem portrays reality as it is: ambiguous, fleeting and elusive.' – De Standaard

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Video and audio


Concept Bart Baele,
Yves Degryse
Soundtrack Peter Van Laerhoven
Cello Katelijn Van Kerckhoven,
Tine Hubrechts
Oud Tristan Driessens,
Ewoud Huygens
Guitar / saz Peter Van Laerhoven Percussion Eric Thielemans
Interviews Yves Degryse Sound mixing Peter Van Laerhoven
Photography Bart Baele,
Luk Sponselee
Editing Geert De Vleesschauwer,
Lotte De Troyer,
Bart Baele
Construction scenery Manu Siebens,
Jef De Cremer
Sound recording Tom De With,
Toon Meuris,
Robrecht Ghesquière,
Maarten Moesen
Technical coordination Robrecht Ghesquière Stagecraft Jef Loots
Production & communication Laura Fierens Costumes Kim Troubleyn
General coordination Natalie Schrauwen Stage photography Gaël Maleux
Financial manager Kurt Lannoye Translation Arabic Majd Khalifeh,
Zakaria El Houbba
Intern postproduction Heleen De Boever Driver Nour Siam
With Rabbi Mike Swirsky,
Maia Sigal Lesiau,
Meir Shalev,
Rabbi Daniël Epstein,
Mahmoud Salamat,
Wajeeh Nusseibeh,
Father Angelo Ison,
Omar al­‐Nady,
Sheik Muhamad Husain,
Munir Nusseibeh,
Ziad Alaraj,
Micha Kurz,
Greg Myre,
Laith Youssef,
Sari Nusseibeh,
Suzanne & Max Singer
Coproduction TEMPS D’IMAGES /
La Comédie de Valence [FR] -
Centre dramatique national Drôme Ardèche et Le Lux - Scène nationale de Valence,
SPIELART Festival/Münchner Kammerspiele [München DE]
With support of the Flemish Government Berlin is associated artist to