LAND’S END – 2011
[comparisons with existing persons are not only coincidental but irrelevant]

A site-specific performance about a country’s borders. Seven
installations form the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of part two, a confrontation between lawyers, investigators and culprits
involved in a murder case.

Land’s End revolves around an assassination in a small Belgian community, with people from both inside and outside the country’s borders involved. After a few months the investigators gather enough contradictory statements to catch the culprits. The run-up to the trial is fraught with instances of differing international legal procedures.  Where one border can be crossed in a fit of insanity, another is closed hermetically.

In Land's End all parties involved in this murder case find themselves reunited years later. The audience penetrates both the crime scene and the interview room at a location yet to be announced.


press quotes
'Fantastic and terribly funny, masterfully orchestrated.' – Le Figaro

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Video and audio


Concept Bart Baele,
Yves Degryse
Scenography BERLIN,
Manu Siebens
Camera Bart Baele Interviews Yves Degryse
Actors Katelijne Verbeke,
Mieke Verdin,
Jean-Benoît Ugeux,
Gaël Maleux
Interviewee P. Amery,
B. Bertholot,
R. Van Wynsberghe,
J. Decool,
R. Butsraen
Editing Bart Baele,
Geert De Vleesschauwer
Soundtrack & mixing Peter Van Laerhoven
Technical coordination Hans Meijer,
Linde Raedschelders
Production management Natalie Schrauwen,
Laura Fierens
Sound recording Toon Meuris,
Maarten Moesen,
Bas De Caluwé
Prosthesis Filip Peeters,
Ina Peeters,
Jeroen Van Haudt
Surtitles Sigrid Gulix,
Bies Vanhimbeeck
Costumes Accate,
Linde Raedschelders
Props / production Jessica Ridderhof Catering Martine Thoné
Business management Kurt Lannoye Production UK / France Sherrie Johnson,
Fanny Bordier
Construction scenery Manu Siebens,
Klaartje Vermeulen,
Elisabeth Vandermeulen,
Lilith Tremmery,
Koen Schetske,
Kim Troubleyn,
Frederiek Debaere,
Paul & Sarah Dandois,
Jesse Jansens
Special thanks to Eva Vanhaecke & Wim Mortier
['t Groot Moerhof]
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