our private lives | bedroom


The All Greeks Festival, organised by NTGent from the 1st of May until the 23rd of June at various locations in Ghent, presents all 32 surviving Greek tragedies in different forms. 'Our private lives | bedroom' is Yves Degryse/BERLIN's contribution to the festival together with Barbara Raes/Beyond the Spoken. For this performance, they are collaborating on an alternative version of Agamemnon's tragedy. The story will be projected on an apartment building at Machinist Park from sunset till sunrise. BERLIN will then pass the torch to Collective HINTER, which will perform its version of Offerplengsters, which is the second part of Aischylos' Oresteia, at the Westerbegraafplaats.

In the first part of Agamemnon, Clytaimnestra kills her husband. Their son Orestes does not get the chance to pay his father a last salute. In the facade scene, however, a farewell ritual follows Agamemnon's death. Mother, son, sister and uncle stand face to face in the bedroom where Agamemnon's body is laid. The viewer silently witnesses the washing, embalming, waking and recitation, but feels that behind every gesture is a pitch-black hole full of revenge. Although not a tear is being shed, the tragedy is creeping everywhere.



Yves Degryse

artistic support

Barbara Raes / Beyond the Spoken


Sofie Decleir, Britt Lemmens, Jesse Vandamme, Remi Degryse, Jessica Luppens, Valentine Kempynck, Benoit Dorné, Brigitte Moerman, Aissadiara Dirkx-Sow, Sally Pottier; Antwerp queerkoor: Fran Van Gysegem, Wim Muyllaert, Annelies Vanlierde, Max Delestinne, Jan Falk, Odile Strik, Simon Baekelmans, Isaak Duerinck, Caro Leemans, Danny De Jong, Miles Fischler

video editing

Koen De Saeger, Geert De Vleesschauwer

technical coordination

Marjolein Demey

thanks to

Klaas Rommelaere, Courage Rouwbegeleiding, Restaurant Casereccio Rotterdam, Marco Oudewortel, Familie van Kampen, Arnold Bastiaanse

set design

Jessica Ridderhof, Ina Peeters


Koen Broos

graphic design

Nick Mattan

business management

Tine Verhaert

office management

Maya Van der Brempt


David Bauwens


Sam Loncke

internship communications

Luna Vermeiren


BERLIN & Beyond the Spoken

in collaboration with


with the support of

de Vlaamse Overheid