With Ramble Song – a cinematic concert or concertante film – BERLIN propels music (a driving foundation in earlier work) and the cinematic into the foreground. A poetic ramble full of beauty but also disappointment unravels in a series of tableaux. Ramble Song meanders between melancholy and black humour, inspired by the figure of the drifter ­– the nomad who cultivates a form of indecisiveness and who lurks in each of us.

Onstage there is a theatrical installation. This organism in sleep mode, with something that resembles a continuously audible and visible respiration, is animated through live music and footage. The soundtrack is wide-ranging, featuring echoes of new-classical music but also energetic krautrock and a diversity of synth-driven soundscapes. The daily noise between our ears here gives way to a musical universe that gets crystallized in images – and vice versa.

Ramble Song features four musicians and one of its creators onstage, fired up by BERLIN’s in-house composer. Peter Van Laerhoven made a name for himself as a film composer [for Fien Troch and Bram Van Paesschen, among others] and rock and pop musician [Monsoon and Woven Hand, among others]. He has been creating BERLIN’s soundscape from the very beginning. He will be assisted live by Tim Coenen [Miet Warlop, Het nieuwstedelijk, The Go Find, Roadhouse Libra,..], Eric Thielemans [EARR, Chantal Acda, Tape Cuts Tape, Ben Sluijs Quartet, BERLIN's Jerusalem,..] and Tine Hubrechts [o.a. The Bear That Wasn’t]. The performance will be accompanied by a physical [vinyl] and digital release of the music.

Ramble Song differs from earlier work in formal terms, but is vintage BERLIN in terms of inventive puzzling with (presentation) forms to achieve a powerful whole. The profound humanity that characterized previous, often documentary work is taken even further in this fictional work, averse to the anecdotic and to dominant storylines.

photo: serie 6 © Koen Broos


Video and audio


More credits to be confirmed Concept and direction BERLIN [Bart Baele and Yves Degryse]
Video Bart Baele,
Geert De Vleesschauwer and Jessica Ridderhof
Video editing Bart Baele and Geert De Vleesschauwer
Scenography Manu Siebens and BERLIN Musical composition Peter Van Laerhoven
Music live and on film Peter Van Laerhoven,
Tine Hubrechts,
Eric Thielemans en Tim Coenen
Photography Koen Broos
Technical coordination Manu Siebens and Geert De Vleesschauwer Production management Jessica Ridderhof
Production BERLIN Business management Kurt Lannoye
Administration Jane Seynaeve Distribution Eveline Martens
Communications Sam Loncke
deSingel international arts campus [Antwerp, BE], le CENTQUATRE-PARIS [FR], C-TAKT [Limburg, BE] and more to be confirmed With the support of the Flemish Government, Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government (Podiumfonds) - BERLIN is creative associate at deSingel international arts campus [Antwerp, BE] and artiste associé at le CENTQUATRE-PARIS [FR]