WIE OUD WORDT... – 2019
[installation / audio play] - in Dutch

In Wie oud wordt... [(s)he/they who grow(s) old...] the visitor takes part in an information meeting of the Association for the Rejuvenation of the European Continent. The board hopes to spread its ideas. An intense listening experience for 12 visitors under the motto "Who grows old only has themselves to blame", inspired by the diaries of Max Frisch.

photo © Koen Broos


Video and audio


concept and direction BERLIN [Bart Baele and Yves Degryse],
inspired on the works of Max Frisch
voice actors Peter Van den Eede,
Willem de Wolf,
Marijke Pinoy,
Rudy Degryse,
Johan Van Assche,
Mieke de Groote and Cees Vossen
scenography Manu Siebens sound recordings and mixing Peter Van Laerhoven
technical coordination Geert De Vleesschauwer and Manu Siebens production management Jessica Ridderhof
coordination recording sessions Celeste Driesen production BERLIN
business management Kurt Lannoye administration Jane Seynaeve
sales Eveline Martens communications Sam Loncke
Theaterfestival Boulevard [Den Bosch, NL] with the support of the Flemish Government BERLIN is creative associate at deSingel international arts campus [Antwerp, BE] and artiste associé at le CENTQUATRE-PARIS [FR]