Stars for True Copy

After the premiere run of True Copy in deSingel and the performance at NEXT Arts Festival more than a week later, both deStandaard and NRC – a Belgian and a Dutch newspaper – were very enthusiastic about what they saw:

With True Copy, Berlin makes extremely interesting documentary theatre about Geert Jan Jansen, ‘the greatest master forger of the century.  […] True Copy ultimately turns out to be a real thriller. But revealing too much of the plot would spoil your viewing pleasure. As Jansen said, ‘Sometimes it’s just delightful to be deceived.’ **** Filip Tielens in deStandaard, 19 november 2018

[…] with Berlin, the craziest things are true and the most mundane things are not. For True Copy, their latest performance, Berlin uses the reality of the Dutch art forger Geert Jan Jansen in a masterfully cunning way. ***** Joyce Roodnat in NRC, 29 november 2018

True Copy plays at C-mine in Genk [BE] on Dec 5 & 6, 2018. The tour afterwards continues from February 2019 on. More about True Copy here, and the full tour schedule in the agenda.

(foto: Koen Broos)