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BERLIN in 2021

It has been quiet for a while on our side. The ongoing sanitary crisis has meant that, like many other companies/artists, we’ve been busy re-scheduling tours and waiting for better times. Hopefully, we can hit the road again this spring with True Copy and others.

We are also in full preparation for Ramble Song – a new production that will see the light of day in June 2021, replacing The making of Berlin [the final installment within the Holocene Cycle]. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the creation planning into disarray, postponing The making of Berlin by another year. The creation planned for the following season – Ramble Song – has been put forward as a replacement.

With Ramble Song – a cinematic concert or concertante film – BERLIN propels music [a driving foundation in earlier work] and the cinematic into the foreground. A poetic ramble full of beauty but also disappointment unravels in a series of tableaux. Onstage there is a theatrical installation, animated through live music and footage. Ramble Song features three musicians [Eric Thielemans, Tim Coenen, Tine Hubrechts] and one of its creators onstage, fired up by BERLIN’s in-house composer Peter Van Laerhoven. Vintage BERLIN in terms of inventive puzzling with [presentation] forms to achieve a powerful and profoundly humane whole. The performance will be accompanied by a physical [vinyl] and digital release of the music.

The premiere will be at deSingel [Antwerp] on 3, 4, and 5 June 2021.