True Copy selected for Het TheaterFestival

We are happy to announce that True Copy has been selected for Het TheaterFestival 2019. The festival is taking place in Ghent this year. The show will be at the Vooruit on 8 and 9 September. TheaterFestival highlights the most interesting theatre events of the past season, on a yearly basis.

From the jury report:
One of the most surprising performances of the year comes from theatre group BERLIN. [..] At the same time, True Copy is much more than just interesting documentary theatre. BERLIN uses Jansen’s story to create a clever, witty and meticulously elaborated reflection on what is genuine and fake, on reality and fiction, on distrust and belief. True Copy [plays] a fascinating game with the audience at the level of the performance: to what extent can we believe everything Jansen is telling here, or are we being set up by BERLIN? [..] This performance is logically thought-out to the end!