On Boat Sides

Yves Degryse/BERLIN

BERLIN itself is initiating the first project YouTurn project. For its performances, BERLIN would sometimes use Swiss author Max Frisch's poetical/philosophical questions [published in Fragenbogen] as a source of inspiration while working on interviews/scripts.

Questions such as:
Do you have a good sense of humor when you're alone?
If you forget what you have to say and say what you think, what is your answer?
According to you, how deep is your property? Where does it end in the ground?

The purpose is to apply a selection of these questions on large freight ships, providing us with a canvas to reach and astonish an extensive range of people (and to break out of the performance space BERLIN's work is usually presented in). We're looking at continental and intercontinental shipping lines.

Because these ships are only sometimes in sight range, we would also capture them on film, leaving the port and/or arriving at their destination. We are currently in the process of searching for shipping companies willing to realize this art project together with us. 



Yves Degryse