Hannes d'Hoine & Stijn Grupping

Hannes d’Hoine (music) and Stijn Grupping (video) delved into the BERLIN archive and set to work with footage filmed for the show Bonanza. Sehnsucht is a film tableau for which Grupping revisited a short excerpt from Bonanza. Grupping plays with time and perception in such a way that the landscape gradually transmutes and even seems to dissolve. In Sehnsucht, image and sound reinforce each other organically. D’Hoine started composing after watching the archival footage several times. He was inspired by the lives of the remaining inhabitants of the almost abandoned mining town and the vast, mysterious landscape that surrounds them. Sehnsucht suggests that, besides the stories covered in the performance, more lies hidden in the footage: unexplored secrets that hide just below the surface.

Sehnsucht is the first in a series of tableaux for which D’Hoine and Grupping will work with archival material as part of YouTurn. The project may take different forms as it progresses.

Stijn Grupping, a juggler, is one of the founders of the Antwerp-based Ell Circo D’ell Fuego. During that time, he developed a fascination for images and visual language. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual arts at Narafi (Brussels), he founded Post uit Hessdalen with theatre-maker Ine Van Baelen. In collaboration with other artists, Post uit Hessdalen develops projects at the crossroads of (circus) performance, music theatre, video and visual arts.

Hannes d’Hoine is a bass player and composer. After a master’s degree at the Conservatoire of Antwerp, he focused on electronic music. He has been a core member of Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung since 2006 and has played together with Dez Mona, Craig Ward, Rudy Trouvé, Toumani Diabate, Tony Allen, Ellen Schoenaerts, Liesa Van der Aa, etc. D’Hoine also makes soundtracks for film, dance and theatre. Since 2019 he has been making solo music under the name Jon Doe One.


video editing

Stijn Grupping

musical composition, double bass, electronics and mixing

Stefanie Janssen


Buni Lenski

archival material